Westpac’s credit card origination transformation

User research and data gathering (market research, competitive review, content audit, interviews, online surveys and web traffic analysis), and product strategy, design and development (structure, user journeys, use cases, functional specifications, wireframes, prototypes and final designs) of Westpac’s credit card end-to-end origination experience.

Interviews, online surveys and web traffic analysis were carried out throughout the whole initiative to understand and follow up on key user needs, validate the proposed user journey and get feedback on a range of visual concepts. As a result, a strategy plan and a prioritised feature list (product backlog) was outlined and then continuously updated.

This was part of a multi-year program whose main goal was to take the credit card application process from 5 days to 5 minutes. This initiative required streamlining the whole application process by:

  • Paving a straight-through approval pathway
  • Offering a more efficient flow for manual approvals
  • Addressing a number of usability heuristics, such as:
    • Match between system and the real world
    • Consistency and standards
    • Aesthetic and minimalist design

As part of my responsibilities, I had full oversight of 4 streams of work:

  1. Release train – focused on the core design work and key features across all releases
  2. Research & testing – conducting research and user testing across the end-to-end flow to document feedback and recommendations
  3. Design enhancements – identifying and developing upon areas of opportunity to uplift the current and future state experience
  4. Content design – customer-centric content that meets legal, security, accessibility & technical requirements

The first public release went live in May 2023, spanning across both platforms: Westpac Mobile App (Android & iOS) and Westpac Live (desktop).

Since the initial public release, credit card acquisitions increased about 60%.
This initiative has been recognised as one of Westpac’s most successful programs of 2023.

Work done at Westpac.

  • Client - Westpac, a multinational bank
  • Date - 2022-2023
Westpac’s credit card origination transformationWestpac’s credit card origination transformationWestpac’s credit card origination transformationWestpac’s credit card origination transformationWestpac’s credit card origination transformation

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