BPAY Group’s new CRM solution

This engagement consisted of a pre-discovery work to deliver a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics. It was done prior to “Discover” and “Define” phases, as per the Design Council’s Double Diamond model.

In the context of the new CRM system to be built, the purpose of the pre-discovery phase was to (1) identify potential user groups, (2) understand their processes, pain points, needs, goals and expectations, (3) align those expectations across teams, (4) obtain support from stakeholders and key users, and (5) uncover gaps and opportunities that were not identified until then.

A number of one-on-one interviews and workshops were carried out in order to collect the information required and achieve the aforementioned purpose. The workshops included the following Design Thinking techniques:

1. Problem Statement & Business Objectives
2. Rose-Bud-Thorn, a technique similar to Pains & Gains
3. Collective Ambition
4. Journey Mapping, which encompassed AS-IS and TO-BE processes
5. Feature Mapping

As a result, the following outputs were generated:

1. Personas
2. Problem Framing
3. User Journey Maps
4. Feature Map
5. Recommendations

The client’s feedback was highly positive. All the stakeholders and key users were receptive to the approach taken, being quite vocal about their needs and expectations from the new CRM system. No one felt left out when going through the deliverables, and most of the key findings, such as pain points, goals, features and recommendations, were spot on with a few minor adjustments required after a Review session.

Work done at ASG Group, a consulting firm.

  • Client - BPAY Group, Australia’s leading payments service provider
  • Date - 2017
BPAY Group’s new CRM solutionBPAY Group’s new CRM solutionBPAY Group’s new CRM solutionBPAY Group’s new CRM solution

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