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: Australian-Brazilian

: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Leonardo Burlamaqui

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G’day! My name is Leonardo Burlamaqui. I am a hands-on Experience Strategist, well versed in both design and research. I have a broad experience in identifying real world opportunities, and bringing digital and analog together. My aim is to build seamless and innovative experiences that reflect a perfect balance between customer needs and business goals.

With a strong leadership experience, I have been building and uplifting products, services and processes since 1997. My areas of expertise are Human-Centered Design, Service Design, Customer Experience and User Experience, among others. In addition, I have a lot of interest in studies in Design-Led Innovation and Engineering Innovation.

For almost 7 years, I worked for Globo.com, which is the Internet branch of Organizações Globo, the largest mass media group in Latin America. I was responsible for Globo.com’s homepage, with over 1.2 billion monthly pageviews, along with its on-boarding process, and its personalised news and recommendation services. Within an Agile environment, I also led teams on projects that involved deploying semantic (i.e., Big Data) technologies.

Between 2013 and 2018, I pursued a PhD in Engineering Innovation at the University of Sydney, under Professor Andy Dong’s supervision, before exiting the program. My research focused on the perception of intended affordances and culminated in 5 publications. I hold an MSc degree in Design from ESDI – UERJ (2010-2012), a Postgraduate degree in e-Business from EPGE – FGV (2000-2001), and a BA degree in Industrial Design from ESDI – UERJ (1995-1999) with majors on both Industrial Design and Graphic Design.

Furthermore, I am an Aikido practitioner with 15 years of experience. I hold a 1st dan Aikikai black belt and I have, in my humble opinion, a large practical and theoretical background.

My Standard Workflow

Interpret client's brief

Gather data

Reframe the problem

Generate ideas

Prototype solutions

Run tests & experiments

Identify the best solution

Fully design it

Implement it

Test it

Launch it

Continually improve it